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Buy Euflexxa for your patients that suffer from osteoarthritis-induced pain. It was specifically developed to help those patients that have tried the non-medicating solutions offered, and have found less than viable results. Even if the patient has made use of simple pain medications like acetaminophen and have found little success can make use of this product.

What Makes a Good Candidate?

Anybody who is aged 21 or above can technically make use of this solution to get some long-lasting relieve from joint pain. However, it is a drug specifically made to address the need for relief of patients that have tried almost everything else with little to no results. As with other medical devices or products, patients should make sure to have a detail talk with the doctor to ensure the product is the right one for them.

Areas Treated with Euflexxa

Although it is a treatment for those with osteoarthritis, Euflexxa was formulated for use on only knee joint pain caused by the illness.

How does Euflexxa work?

Euflexxa is a hyaluronic acid-based solution which is manufactured by making use of a natural source of the aforementioned acid. The treatment is harvested from non-animal sources, and is then meant to undergo a multistep precision process which includes filtering and cleaning, creating hyaluronic acid which is not only gel-like in consistency, but has high levels of purity.

It is well known that one of the main causes of knee joint pain from osteoarthritis is when the hyaluronic acid in the joint degrades over time, becoming thinner and thinner which leads to rubbing of the bones. This causes intense pain and if left untreated will only get worse.

But just because osteoarthritis is a chronic disease, it does not mean that the pain should be present 24/7 as well. Enter products like Euflexxa, where the solution is injected into the joint, resupplying the area with hyaluronic acid which acts as a buffer of protection between the bones, giving more pain relief than simple pain medications like ibuprofen or naproxen.

Euflexxa contains 10 mg of sodium hyaluronate,8.5mg of sodium chloride, disodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate at 0.56mg, and sodium dihydrogen phosphate dehydrate at 0.05mg, as well as water for the injection itself.

Treatment Details

As with other medical devices, only qualified medical professionals who have the knowledge and experience of injection substances like this should apply this on a patient. The dosage of Euflexxa will be up to the discretion of the doctor, and after cleansing the target area, the solution is then injected into the target joint. These treatments should happen once a week, with a total of three injections all-in-all for the solution to fully take effect.

How Long Does Euflexxa Last?

Once all treatments have been complied with, Euflexxa is noted to last for up to six months. This is still highly variable though depending on the physiology and lifestyle of the patient.

Safety Information

Euflexxa has a high safety profile as evidenced by its CE mark and FDA approval. There are still some contraindications that would disqualify certain patients from using this. Patients with allergies from hyaluronic acid should definitely not use this, as well as any pregnant and/or nursing women, as well as minors. If there are infections or skin diseases in or around the target area, it should first completely heal before injection. Patients are also encouraged to tell their doctor if they have ever had circulation problems or blood clots in the legs, as well as any allergies to birds, feathers, or egg products.

Other Side Effects 

It is expected that there is a slight increase in pain or swelling of the knee joint immediately after injection, but this will go away after a few minutes. Other side-effects from this product include back pain, muscle pain, skin irritation, or tenderness. If these, or any other ailments are experienced post-injection it is recommended that the patient contact the doctor immediately for advice.

Recovery Time

For the first 48 hours after the injection, the patient should avoid any moderate to strenuous physical activities. This includes lifting of heavy objects, standing for an extended period of time, as well as any form of exercise.

Cost of Euflexxa

Each package of Euflexxa contains three 2mL syringes that have already been filled with the product, and on average will cost around $350. It should be stored in a place where it won’t be overexposed to light, and at temperatures of 2-25 degrees Celsius.

Bottom Line

Euflexxa is the number one prescribed hyaluronic acid-based product, and for good reason. It shows effective results, and with proper maintenance and care will last quite long. This is a handy product to have in stock, and is sure to benefit many patients.

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