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Etermis 4

Buy Etermis 4 to give your patients with more severe lines and wrinkles an option for treatment. This product has a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid compared to the others in its line, making it more effective at reducing the signs of aging when it is in the more advanced stages. This includes deep lines and wrinkles, as well as noticeably heavier skin sag.

What Makes a Good Candidate?

Technically, any patient aged 18 years and above can choose to have their doctor apply this product on them. However, starting the skincare campaign against signs of aging is not recommended too early, and with Etermis 4 in particular, it should be used by patients who have already noticed the onset of signs of aging. Those who haven’t noticed a lot of wrinkles and forewent treatment until they are slightly more set in regards to their depth need not worry either, as this solution can treat even severe lines.

Areas Treated with Etermis 4

In general, Etermis 4 is targeted for use on the lines and wrinkles on the face, to reduce their depth or smoothen them out entirely. The solution is also capable of giving the targeted area an overall rejuvenating effect, making the skin glow more naturally and healthily. The treatment has also been shown to be an effective lip filler, as loss of volume in that area of the body is also a common sign of aging.

How does Etermis 4 work?

Etermis 4 is a physiological gel that is free of pyrogens and is composed of non-animal sourced cross-linked hyaluronic acid at a concentration of 24mg/ml. This was developed purposefully to ensure that the solution has enough strength to also treat deep or severe lines and wrinkles. It can be used to treat some of the larger areas of skin on the face, particularly the cheeks, forehead, and areas where sagging skin can also show itself like the chin and near the nose. The decreased production and synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin, as well as the reduced capacity of fibroblasts and perturbations caused by the onset of aging makes the skin look dull, and this also leads to loss of volume, making the skin sag. The mixture in Etermis 4 was specifically formulated to combat this process, and it can also be used as a filler for lost volume on the lips. The composition includes the aforementioned plant-origin hyaluronic acid, a sodium phosphate buffer, and mannitol. This substance is an antioxidant which has shown to be effective in acting as a scavenger of free-radicals, which will minimize hyaluronic acid degradation, making them last longer.

Treatment Details

This product should only be applied by professional medical practitioners who have the training and experience needed for these kinds of procedures. Targeted area of the solution should first be cleaned prior to injection, as well as the setting of expectations to the patient on what will occur. Injection is targeted into the deep dermis using either a Hyaluron Pen, cannula, or needle at an angle of 30-35 degrees. The area should be gently massaged post-injection to ensure distribution of the solution throughout.

How Long Does Etermis 4 Last?

The precise length of time this product will last is heavily dependent on the lifestyle and physiology of the patient, meaning that it will definitely vary from case to case. However, generally the solution has shown to show its results for up to 12 months after the injection. Depending on the results, the doctor might recommend further treatment and/or maintenance, and it will be necessary if the patient wishes to see continued results.

Safety Information

Etermis 4 has been CE marked and has shown to be able to comply with regulatory safety standards. There are still some listed contraindications though, and some preconditions might disqualify certain patients from making use of this product. These include pregnancy, lactation, or being under the age of majority. If the patient has known hypersensitivity to any of the components of Etermis 4 should stay away from using it, and any areas where there are infection or inflammation problems should not be targeted for its injection. Any areas that have already been treated with permanent fillers should also be avoided when using this solution.

Other Side Effects 

Swelling, redness, and slight inflammation have been a known side effect of this product as a countermeasure against wrinkles. When used as a lip filler, slight pain, minor bumps, and sensitivity of the injected area can also be experienced. All-in-all, these effects will take care of themselves within a few days post-treatment, and if they don’t, the patient is recommended to contact their doctor immediately.

Recovery Time

Very little, if any, downtime is observed after treatment, especially if no side effects are shown. Patients are able to resume normal day-to-day activities, however, overexposure to sunlight as well as strenuous physical activities should be avoided for the first 24 hours to ensure proper integration of the solution and early signs of results.

Cost of Etermis 4

The price per package of Etermis 4 averages for about $132 per unit. Each container will have two 1ml prefilled syringes of the solution, two 27G ½ needles, two 25G one-inch needles, and 4 traceability labels.

Bottom Line

If your patients need an effective, fast-acting treatment for sever lines that won’t break the bank, then Etermis 4 will definitely come in handy. The product has been tested quite extensively, and not only does it have a great safety profile, but it can also last for well up to a year depending on conditions. This solution comes highly recommended, for both the clinic and the patient.

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