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Ellanse M

Buy Ellanse M to provide your patients with a product that can kick their collagen restoration back into gear. This product is an injectable bioresorbable implant that is composed of smooth PCL microspheres, and the formulation is specifically geared towards the stimulation of collage generators in the skin, revivifying the healing process of the dermis and shaving off a few years that the signs of aging have been adding on.

Which patients can benefit most from Ellanse M?

Technically any adult patient aged 18 and above can choose Ellanse M as their preferred treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. However, many aesthetic medical professionals say that starting the campaign against signs of aging too early can be more detrimental than beneficial. Therefore, it is recommended that this product be considered for use when certain signs of aging have already made themselves evident, and the patient needs a product that gives extremely long-lasting results.

Areas of Ellanse M focus 

  • Nose – Ellanse M can help some superficial lines around the nose area smoothen out, and it can also change the overall shape and outline of this part of the face
  • Mouth – Effectively correct nasolabial lines, marionette lines, oral commissures, and perioral lines.
  • Chin – The product can also enhance the jawline, as well as make the skin around the area tighter and more elastic.
  • Cheeks – Add volume or contour to the cheekbone area.
  • Forehead – Add volume or smooth our wrinkles around the brow.
  • Hands – Restore volume to the backs of the hands and tighten up the skin.
  • Neck – Lift up sagging skin by adding volume back to the neck area.

How the product works

Clinical studies and research have shown that starting at around the mid 20’s, facial volume naturally degrades over time at the rate of 1% every year. This might not sound like much, but it does compound and sooner rather than later, the effects are evident and correction is needed. Ellanse M makes full use of the formulation in the product to give an overall lift to the targeted areas of the face, as well as provide optimal tightening and volume on the skin. It makes use of a patented combination of polycaprolactone microspheres and carboxymethyl cellulose to create a mixture that has the ability to provide high viscosity and elasticity to the skin. The formulation has also proven to give uniquely long-lasting results, and the Ellanse Mine in particular boasts of its tunable longevity technology, meaning patients are able to choose how long the results will last, as each product in the line has different lengths of effectivity.

This product also leverages neocollagenesis so that the body is kickstarted into producing its own collagen at a greater rate and with slower degradation. Once the optimal levels of collagen have been achieved, the skin will naturally restore the thickness and structure it once had, and the other signs of aging like wrinkles and folds are also reduced and smoothened out.

Treatment details

This product should only be administered by a trained medical practitioner, and they should have the necessary knowledge and training in injecting or applying products like Ellanse M. An anesthetic can be used prior to injection to limit the discomfort the patient feels, and the target area of the injection should also be cleansed. A 27G needle is then attached to the syringe via Luer lock fitter, and then the solution is injected sub-dermally making use of the tunneling technique and a 1:1 correction ratio.

After injection, the solution should be gently massaged into the area to assure even distribution of the treatment.

How long will the treatment last?

Ellanse M is the product in the Ellanse line that will last for up to 2 years. Still, physiology and lifestyle are still the top determiners of how long the effectivity of the solution actually is, and will vary from case to case.

Safety information

Ellanse M is a clinically proven and safe treatment for patients of all skin types. As polycaprolactone microspheres have been used for several decades in the medical field, they have a high safety profile, and several regulatory agencies worldwide have also approved cosmetic treatments using polycaprolactone and carboxymethylcellulose. Since it is a completely bioresorbable synthetic filler, Ellanse M does not need a skin test prior to treatment. The solution isn’t intended for use in patients who have known hypersensitivity to any of the fillers’ components, patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or patients with infected or inflamed skin near or on the area of the injection.

Other Side-effects

Some side-effects have been observed after injecting this product. The mostly clear up by themselves without any intervention, but if they last for more than a few days, patients are asked to contact their doctor immediately. The more common of these side-effects include swelling, some redness, bruising, and seromas.

Time needed for recovery

It’s recommended that patients avoid overexposure to sunlight or strenuous activities at least for the first 24 hours post-treatment, but technically there is no downtime needed after using this product.

Cost of Ellanse M

The package of Ellanse M has an average price of $207. Each box contains two 1mL prefilled syringes, as well as four 27G ¾ needles.

Bottom line

Being part of one of the most trusted medical device ranges in the business, Ellanse M is a solution that many doctors will go of. With it being an extremely easy to apply product, the treatment will more than likely go smoothly and patients will be able to continue normal activities as soon as they walk out the door. Proven to be both safe and effective, Ellanse M is definitely a product worth using.

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