ALIAXIN® SR Shape and Restore


22.5mg/ml 2-1ml prefilled syringe

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Aliaxin SR Shape and Restore

Buy Aliaxin SR Shape and Restore to give your patients that natural, full face with a well-defined contour. This product from IBSA’s Aliaxin line goes out of its way to ensure that people have the option to get a facial shape that suits their wants, as well as a hydrating and tone-evening solution all in one package.

What Makes a Good Candidate?

Anybody aged 21 and above will be able to make full use of this product. However, it is highly recommended for people who want to achieve that harmonious facial balance they crave. When it comes to contour, profile, and symmetry concerns, this is the product to use.

Areas Treated with Aliaxin SR Shape and Restore

Aliaxin SR targets the face as a whole, but this doesn’t mean that it can be injected into any area and the effect spread all throughout. For the forehead, glabellar wrinkles can be found, and this would even out those folds quickly. For the nose and chin areas, these can get quite dry and especially for the nose, its tone can be slightly different from the cheek as well as the neck. Speaking of the cheeks, this is where the product really gets into gear as it is the area of the face that dictates a huge part of the patients’ overall shape and profile. It can volumize the areas that are too sunken, and give definition to the jawline as needed.

How does Aliaxin SR Shape and Restore work?

This monophasic hyaluronic acid-based gel is made specifically for overall harmony of the face. This means that it balances out certain areas to give a global rejuvenating and contouring effect on the face, restoring that youthful symmetry patients want. Because of the high-level of cohesiveness found in the formulation, it produces the optimal level of integration into the tissue, making sure that unnatural or imbalanced volumization is avoided. IBSA made full use of the decades of research they have done in the aesthetic medicine space, and have created a product that improves overall natural beauty, as well as improve tone, hydration, and elasticity. It contains natural hyaluronic acid at 2.5mg/ml, cross-linked hyaluronic acid at 22.5mg/ml, and then a phosphate buffer or water for the injectable solution.

Treatment Details

This product must only be administered by trained professionals in the medical field. After the standard case history study and informing of the patient regarding warnings, possible outcomes, etc., the cleansing of the area for correction must be done. It should be injected into the cutaneous tissue, wherein blood vessels must be avoided at all costs. Make use of the needles already found in the package of Aliaxin SR, however dosage and intervals between sessions will be up to the doctor’s discretion.

How Long Does Aliaxin SR Shape and Restore Last?

Aliaxin SR has an impressive and long-lasting effect. Depending on the patient’s lifestyle and maintenance, it lasts for six to twelve months, and IBSA even recommends one or two treatments per year as sufficient. This will also be dependent on patient history and physiology.

Safety Information

Aliaxin SR is CE certified, and has been clinically proven to be safe. However, there are certain predispositions that eliminate an individual from making use of the product. If there is inflammation or any kind of infection in the target area, no cosmetic treatment should be used at all. Minors, pregnant women, or breastfeeding mothers should also not use this product.

Other Side Effects 

  • Discoloring of the skin at injection point
  • Inflammatory reactions
  • Minor to moderate pain or swelling

These effects usually go away after a few days, and there have been no reported issues with excessive dosages or other medicinal interactions.

Recovery Time

There is no known down time when making use of this solution if no side-effects are observed, and the patient will immediately be able to continue day-to-day activities after treatment.

Bottom Line

The hyaluronic acid gel formulation developed for Aliaxin SR is characterized by its specific targeting of the harmonious balance of the face. Because of its purity that is free from BDDE, endotoxins, or proteins, its specific solution was manufactured to also have a high cohesiveness and easy integration into the tissue, making the effects last longer, become visible quicker, and also be able to handle large amounts of mechanical stress.