ALIAXIN® SV Superior Volume


25mg/ml 2-1.1ml prefilled syringe

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Aliaxin SV Superior Volume

Buy Aliaxin SV Superior Volume for patients that need some facial volume restoration. As we age, it’s normal that the space between the skin and the muscle gets thinner, leading to saggy skin and wrinkles. This product here does as its name says, and provides superior volume for contouring patients’ faces. It is the latest addition to IBSA’s Aliaxin line, and it performs just as well as the others.

Who should make use of this product?

Anybody who is aged 21 and above should be able to make full use of this product during treatments. However, this is specifically geared towards treating areas that have a distinct lack of volume, and it does have other benefits like hydration and stimulating collagen production.

Areas Treated with Aliaxin SV Superior Volume

Weight loss, excessive sun exposure, smoking, and other medical conditions are only some of the reasons why there would be apparent volume loss in certain areas.

Chin – Although the opposite is usually observed wherein there is extra fat in the chin area, there are times when loss of volume in this area will affect jawline definition, and imbalance the overall harmony of the face.

Nose – Nasolabial folds are the most common ailment for this area of the face. With Aliaxin SV, the skin around this area will be ironed out, making patients look a lot younger.

Cheeks – When it comes to facial shape, the cheeks are the area of the face that dictates the majority of how it looks. Sallow, sunken cheeks are a common occurrence as we age, and Aliaxin SV can give that area the volume it needs.

Mouth – Marionette lines can easily be removed with this product by injecting volume near the mouth and thereby stretching out the skin so folds are no longer as apparent.

How Does Aliaxin SV Superior Volume Work?

Aliaxin SV Superior Volume is a monophasic, hyaluronic acid-based solution that provides the necessary volume to give the face a much-needed lift. Working with cross-linked hyaluronic acid, this product is able to efficiently and effectively integrate into the tissue of the face, ensuring a natural and even spread of its effects. Aliaxin SV has a top-notch lifting ability, which makes it ideal for creating sharp jawlines, defining cheekbones, and contouring the face.

The product features a low percentage of cross-linked HA, as well as low BDDE residue content, which makes it not only easier to inject into the tissue, but also makes it more comfortable for the patient.

Treatment Details

This product must only be administered by trained professionals in the medical field. After the standard case history study and informing of the patient regarding warnings, possible outcomes, etc., the cleansing of the area for correction must be done. It should be injected into the cutaneous tissue, wherein blood vessels must be avoided at all costs. Make use of the needles already found in the package of Aliaxin SV, however dosage and intervals between sessions will be up to the doctor’s discretion.

How Long Does Aliaxin SV Superior Volume Last?

Aliaxin SV has an impressive and long-lasting effect. Depending on the patient’s lifestyle and maintenance, it lasts for six to twelve months, and IBSA even recommends one or two treatments per year as sufficient. This will also be dependent on patient history and physiology.

Safety Information

Aliaxin SV is CE certified, and has been clinically proven to be safe. However, there are certain predispositions that eliminate an individual from making use of the product. If there is inflammation or any kind of infection in the target area, no cosmetic treatment should be used at all. Minors, pregnant women, or breastfeeding mothers should also not use this product.

Other Side Effects: 

  • Hardening nodules at injection point
  • Discoloring of the skin at injection point
  • Hematomas
  • Inflammatory reactions

These effects usually go away after a few days, and there have been no reported issues with excessive dosages or other medicinal interactions.

Recovery Time

There is no known down time when making use of this solution if no side-effects are observed, and the patient will immediately be able to continue day-to-day activities after treatment.

Bottom Line

For cases that need that extra lift, Aliaxin SV is definitely a prime choice. Similar to other products in the Aliaxin line, it has a specific formulation that makes it easy to integrate into the patients’ tissue, and it gives patients that natural, vibrant look. When it comes to contouring the cheeks and restoring facial volume, this product is definitely superior.

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