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Buy Alidya 340 to remove pesky cellulite in stubborn areas. Developed by the Vice President of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine, Professor Pasquale Motolese, it is also known as Motolese’s 2nd Solution, with the first being Aqualyx. Alidya, however, is just as effective and cost-efficient, seemingly making magic by removing fat and cellulite from areas that others previously thought were next-to-impossible. This formulation is also effective for post-liposuction treatment, as some cellulite formation from this, as well as intralipotherapy treatment, can be expected.

Who should make use of this product?

Anybody who is aged 21 and above should be able to make full use of this product during treatments. However, this is specifically geared towards patients that are just noticing the early onset of cellulite, and want to remove them.

Areas Treated with Alidya 340

Buttocks – One of the most common areas where cellulite first develops, the buttocks are definitely a prime target for products such as Alidya. Any dimpling or dents that appear on the skin of the buttocks are smoothed out, so patients will no longer need to feel so self-conscious on the beach.

Thighs – Not only a common area with cellulite appearance, this area has a reputation for being difficult to remove fat from.

Stomach – Another area that is well known to be difficult in removing unwanted fat from, Alidya is able to correct the dents found on here efficiently.

Shoulders – Although not as well-known to have cellulite compared to the other areas, any dimpling found in this area isn’t safe from this product’s effective solution either.

How Does Alidya 340 Work?

Cellulite is said to be more or less related to subpar circulation. With this, blood flow through tiny blood vessels in the skin are decreased leading to toxins in the tissue to form. All while this is happening, metal ions that may be toxic to cells are dropped, causing the dimpling and dents. Alidya 340, by using a combination of amino acids and other compounds has the ability to minimize cellulite appearance by correcting the tissue that is affected. The solution is delivered by injecting it into the tissue, and the formulation then neutralizes the aforementioned toxins which causes the fat to swell in the afflicted tissue.

Another benefit of the product is that it also rebalances skin cells, restores much-needed oxygen to the tissue, and then rejuvenates the adipose tissue found in the area. Because of all of this going on underneath, the skin in the treated area will become smoother. The treatment basically stimulates the important functions in the tissue into gear, and the improved functionality will then halt further cellulite development.

Treatment Details

This product should only be administered by a qualified medical practitioner. The total number of injections to be done is totally dependent on the area being treated as well as how severe it is, but the recommendation is that somewhere around 7 to 12 sessions be done per week. After disinfection of the area, the sterile syringe must be used to transfer the solution from the vial to the vial with the powder. Shake the vial until the mixture becomes pink, and you will also notice a distinct odor. Inject into the afflicted area with a 30G x 4mm needle, into the subcutaneous layer if possible, using the mesotherapy method. For best results injections applied should use a 0.2 to 0.3 mL micro-bolus into the subcutaneous skin, and massaging the injected area will also help.

How Long Does Alidya 340 Last?

It totally depends on the physiology and lifestyle of the patient, but it is recommended that Alidya injections be administered at least once a year to maintain the effect.

Safety Information

Alidya 340 is a minimally invasive, non-surgical, safe procedure that is CE marked, and has been proven to be safe for use on patients. However, it should be noted that for 42 hours after injection, the area treated should not be touched if possible. Patients who are using antibiotics or are taking blood thinning medications should not be taking Alidya, and pregnant women should avoid it as well.

Other Side Effects: 

Patients should also limit trips to the sauna, the pool, or make use of hot showers for around 14 days after treatment. Some expected side-effects include some temporary bruising and swelling, which will go away by massaging the affected area around 2-3 times a day for 5 minutes.

Recovery Time

There is no known down time when making use of this solution if no side-effects are observed, and the patient will immediately be able to continue day-to-day activities after treatment.

Bottom Line

Alidya 340 is one of, if not the very first injectable that specifically targets gynoid lipodystrophy, more commonly known as cellulite. Originally developed by Dr. Pasquale Motolese, it is manufactured by the reliable Ghimas S.p.A. and has proven time and again to not only be safe for patients, but also extremely effective at both removing and preventing cellulite formation.

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