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Buy Durolane to help your patients deal with the pain from osteoarthritis. This produce belongs to a class of medical devices that are known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, also known as NSAID. These kinds of solutions are usually taken to deal with the pain of OA in some specific joints, both small and large. Considering that OA is a chronic illness, patients will surely find value in something that can give relief from the pain.

Which patients can benefit most from Durolane?

Technically, anybody adult patient can choose to have their doctor apply Durolane onto their ailing joint, but there are specific people who were kept in mind during the development of this product. In particular, this treatment is for patients who have found no success in trying non-surgical or non-injection treatments for the pain in their afflicted joint.

Areas of Durolane focus 

Durolane is specifically targeted for the areas where the patient has observed osteoarthritis pain. This includes the joints in the hip, the knee, and ankles as well.

How the product works

The Durolane injection treatment is a hyaluronic acid-based formulation which gives relief to patients who suffer from osteoarthritis pain. It is a transparent, viscous, clear gel which can relieve not just mild to moderate pain, but also any swelling or stiffness found in the joints. The formulation contains biosynthetically purified hyaluronic acid, which is also already naturally found in the body’s tissue, in particular it is found in higher concentrations in the synovial fluid of the joint and skin. The solution then acts as a lubricant to ensure that no rough rubbing or contact is observed between the two bones that the joint is connected to, therefore avoiding the pain that comes with OA. Each glass syringe of Durolane contains 20mg/ml of sodium hyaluronate, which is then dissolved in phosphate buffered saline. The HA is acquired from bacterial fermentation of the streptococcus equi.

Treatment details

Only trained medical professionals who have the necessary training and experience in injecting products like these into the joint should apply the solution to patients. The formulation is a single intra-articular injection and the dosage should be at 3ml per joint. A topical cream or local anesthetic can be applied prior to injection to ensure the patient’s comfort, and it should also be noted that each joint should have separate syringes used on them. This product should not be injection in the synovial capsule or tissues, and neither should it be injected via extra-articular route or intravascular route.

How long will the treatment last?

As mentioned before the solution is intended as a single injection treatment per afflicted joint, and it can last for as long as 6 months. After this period has passed, it is recommended that there be additional injections depending on the doctor’s recommendation to ensure the results and comfort achieved by the product continues.

Safety information

This product has both the CE mark and an FDA approval, which speaks to the high safety standards it complies with, as well as its overall safety profile. When it comes to drugs, there are no contraindications stated when used alongside Durolane, but there are certain conditions that might disqualify a patient from using this product. The use of this product on children has not been studied, and neither is it indicated for use on pregnant or lactating women. Any infected or severely inflamed joints should be completely healed before this product can be injected into it. Venous or lymphatic stasis in the leg, as well as pre-existing chondrocalcinosis disqualify patients from using this, as well as any hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid.

Other Side-effects

Some of the noted side-effects from using this product include joint pain, mild warmth or swelling at the site of the injection, muscle stiffness, and headaches. Rare side-effects have also been noticed, and these are hives, infection, skin discoloration, bleeding, and rash or hives. The common side-effects will most likely go away without a need for intervention, however if any of the more severe effects do show, it is recommended that a medical professional be contacted immediately.

Time needed for recovery

Aside from strenuous activity be avoided at least 48 hours after the injection, there is no downtime necessary from taking this solution and normal day-to-day activities can be continued afterwards.

Cost of Durolane

Each package of Durolane costs around $200 on average, and each box contains the pre-filled syringe that has 3ml of the solution inside.

Bottom line

Durolane is an effective answer to joint pain caused by osteoarthritis, and it boasts a high safety profile because of its FDA approval and CE marking. Doctors can safely recommend this product and be confident of its results, as long as the patient is properly screened and is a sure candidate for its use.

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