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Calecim Professional Serum

Buy Celcim Professional Serum to make sure your patients’ ability to heal from skin damage is refreshed. This revolutionary serum gives patients that ability to not only enhance the overall healing ability of the face, but is also a way to recover quickly from procedures they might undergo. It was developed to be both easily absorbable by the skin, as well as gentle on still sensitive areas.

What Makes a Good Candidate?

Technically speaking, anybody who wishes to make use of the product can. However, it is still recommended that the solution be used by those who have recently undergone any surgeries or treatments and wish to recover more quickly, or patients who want to maintain a well-hydrated, healthy skin.

Areas treated with Calecim Professional Serum

Calecim Professional Serum specifically targets the areas of the face, especially parts of the face where an operation or treatment was recently applied. It soothes and eases any irritation or stinging felt post-injection, and it restores the health and look of the skin after procedures.

How Does Calecim Professional Serum Work?

The product is especially formulated by the researchers and doctors at CellResearch Corp to immediately bring comfort to post-operation patients by settling and restoring their sensitive skin. It does this by making full use of Rejuvenating Condition Media specifically designed to heighten the healing ability and processes of the skin. Not only does this comfort the patient, but it has also shown that because of its optimal concentrations of active stem cell proteins, it can also drastically improve the results of the treatment. These various media used in Calecim Professional Serum introduces a lot of cytokines into the skin, which is the protein that is mostly responsible for the self-repairing abilities of the skin. Active ingredients of the solution include water, glycoproteins, hyaluronic acid, 2-hexanediol, fibronectins, albumin, and soluble collagens.

Treatment Details

Calecim Professional Serum can be used as both a skin booster, as well as a post-clinical procedure solution. For the latter purpose, the product should be applied firmly into the treatment area, and pressed into the skin using gloves to ensure proper penetration. A full ampoule, or half the amount can be used per treatment, depending on the ablation degree. When used as a skin booster, a full pipette of the serum should be used for the entire face. A few drops each should be applied to each area of the face, and should be then pressed firmly into the skin. The product can be used in both AM and PM regiments, and should be applied first before any other restorative creams or moisturizers.

How Long Does Calecim Professional Serum Last?

The results of the serum are apparent almost immediately, and the effects will last as long as the treatment is maintained.

Safety Information

This product has undergone strict and stringent safety testing, and has also been used in clinical experiments as well. It has been noted by a lot of aesthetic professionals that this product has their trust, and is effective and safe. However, it should still be noted that although a pimple or two will not inherently detract from the effect of Calecim Professional Serum, patients with active acne should not use this. To make sure, a dermatologist should ascertain if this product is safe for the patients’ use. Although this product can technically be used by breastfeeding mothers or pregnant women, these patients should still make it a point to clear it with their obstetrician or gynecologist before making use of this, or any other skincare product.

Other Side Effects: 

So far there have been no side effects observed as a direct result of making use of this solution.

Recovery Time

This product requires absolutely no downtime and does not hinder the user after its application in any way.

Cost of Calecim Professional Serum

The average cost of a package of Calecim Professional serum is around $498. This already contains 6 containers each having 5ml of the solution inside.

Bottom Line

When it comes to soothing patients after a particularly uncomfortable operation or treatment, Calecim Professional Serum does more than its fair share of work. Even after soothing the skin of the patient, it kickstarts the healing process as well, even showing results that enhance the original treatment itself. It’s pretty obvious how doctors will find this product beneficial, and patients might even decide to add this to their skincare regimen at home because of its evident and immediate results.

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