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Belotero Intense

Buy Belotero Intense for your patients that need that little bit of power in their dermal fillers. This particular product in the Belotero line by Merz Aesthetics is especially well-suited to treating those deep lines and is specifically suggested for use in lip augmentation treatments because of its exceptional results. The solution gives a well-balanced elasticity to the skin, as well as great support giving the skin that natural, radiant look.

What Makes a Good Candidate?

Any patient aged 18 and above should be able to make use of this product for their skincare campaign in fighting signs of aging. Starting too soon is inadvisable though, and this particular product is especially developed for those who have severe lines and deep wrinkles on their face.

Areas Treated by Belotero Intense

  • Marionette lines
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Cheekbones
  • Tear troughs
  • Temples
  • Tail of the Eyebrow
  • Lip volumization
  • Chin enhancement

These are just some of the areas that doctors have targeted with Belotero Intense. The lips and chin, for example, are prime areas for increasing volume, which this product also excels at. All the other areas mentioned are some of the more common parts of the face where deep lines and wrinkles can be found. The solution makes use of a balanced formula to provide the optimal level of elasticity for the patient, making the aforementioned lines fade and some to actually disappear.

How Does Belotero Intense Work?

Belotero Intense is made up of cross-linked sodium hyaluronate at 25.5mg/ml and a phosphate buffer of pH7 SQP. Don’t let the seemingly lacking number of ingredients fool you, as this is all that is needed for the product to do its job. Merz Aesthetics has long realized that the way to healthy, younger-looking skin is to achieve that perfect balance of elasticity and cohesivity, and with Belotero Intense, they’ve made it so that not only will it give patients that optimal level of elasticity, but is also geared towards the more heavy-duty jobs of clearing out the deeper lines on the face. The efficacy of the formulation is also well-documented as a study of 149 patients was done and by using the Investigator assessed Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale, and 89.9% of patients achieved said improvement immediately post-injection.

Treatment Details

This product must only be applied to a patient by a trained medical professional. Once use of this product is agreed upon, medical history and physiology of the patient must be checked. Afterwards, the area in need of correction must be targeted and possibly marked. Afterwards, disinfection of the area is performed, and then injection with a thin gauge needle. After the injection, the doctor will massage the area treated in order to ensure proper and even spread of the solution into the target area.

How Long Does Belotero Intense Last?

For increased lip volume and the filling in of severe wrinkles and lines, Belotero Intense has shown to be effective for up to one year. However, this will depend on the lifestyle and physiology of the patient, and the doctor will recommend any future re-treatments or maintenance sessions as needed in order to prolong the effects of the solution.

Safety Information

Belotero Intense, similar to all Belotero products, is CE marked and FDA approved. However, there are still some contraindications that must be considered when choosing this product for use on a patient. People who have any allergy or hypersensitivity to any of the components of the product should not use this solution. This product is also not intended for use on minors, pregnant women, or breastfeeding mothers. Areas of the skin that may be infected or show any level of inflammation should not be targeted with this product, and any parts of the body that have permanent filler should not be applied with this formulation either.

Other Side Effects 

Some of the more common side-effects of Belotero Intense are swelling, bruising, tenderness, and some redness. Lumps and bumps, discoloration, hardening of the skin in the area treated, and numbness can also appear although are less common. However, as long as a professional and experienced doctor is the one applying the solution, these side-effects usually don’t appear, and if they do, will usually disappear within 7 days.

Recovery Time

Good news for patients as this product requires little to no down time for them, and they can resume normal day-to-day activities immediately after the appointment. Still, it is better if the patient avoids overexposure to intense sunlight for a few days after the injection.

Bottom Line

When it comes to deep-set lines on the face or some extra volume on the lips, Belotero Balance is your best bet. Coming in at an affordable price point, this product punches above its weight class in that it achieves way more that most think it would. With over 80% of patients in a study saying that their expectations were more than met with this product, both doctors and patients will surely appreciate the benefits of using this solution.

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