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Rejeunesse Shape

Buy Rejeunesse Shape for patient who needs the correction of deep sized depression of the face and wants to add volume to the skin with natural looking appearance. This product is manufactured by Newmedic Co. Ltd., and was designed to give patients the correct contour and shape on the face The high-purity hyaluronic acid formulation has an exceptional lifting power on the face, and this dermal filler is definitely a product that brings results.

Which patients should use this product?

Rejeunesse Shape is a product proven to be safe for use on a vast majority of people 21 and older. This product is usually chosen by clinics for patients that have deep-sized imperfections in the facial areas.

Areas Treated by Rejeunesse Shape

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Forehead lines
  • Cheeks
  • Small Jaw
  • Lips
  • Laugh lines

How does Rejeunesse Shape Work?

This product is softer than the Rejeunesse Contour and is basically designed for the treatment that restores facial volume and line. Hyaluronic acid is the key component in it. Rejeunesse Shape makes use of 100% crosslinked high-density hyaluronic acid to remove deep wrinkles on multiple areas of the face. It was formulated by making use of UPHEC purification technology, making it almost entirely free of endotoxins, as well as no residual BDDE. The processes it underwent also make the filler safe for patients, as it has minimal chance of any allergic reactions. Because of this, the solution is great for injecting into areas that need some volumization. It fills in the depressed areas of the face, and also enhances and changes the shape and volume of the cheeks, chin, and even lips.

Treatment Details

This hyaluronic acid-based solution is only to be administered by trained medical professionals. Local anesthesia can also be administered during the treatment if needed. After cleansing and disinfecting the targeted area, the solution is then administered deep in the subcutaneous area and slowly spread.

How Long Does Rejeunesse Shape Last?

Depending on the lifestyle of the patient as well as the maintenance being followed, Rejeunesse Shape has the maximum 16 months of longevity.

Safety Information

This product has a CE mark, and is also proven to be safe for almost all patients. However, these people should take care before using Rejeunesse Shape, or avoid it altogether:

  • Patients that have a known allergy with any of the components
  • People under 21 years old
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding patients

Other Side Effects 

The more common side effects usually observed after administering the treatment are swelling, slight pain, discoloration and tenderness at the site of the injection, as well as some transient erythema. A vast majority of the time these effects are short-lived and do not hinder the patient from doing normal day-to-day activities.

Recovery Time

There is no recovery time to speak of, and patients are immediately up and about after the session.

Cost of Rejeunesse Shape

Average cost per package of Rejeunesse Shape is $100. The box contains one syringe with 1.1mL of the solution inside as well as one 26G needle.


Rejeunesse Shape is a dermal filler known to not only be effective at what it aims to do, but also cost-efficient. Rejeunesse Shape showcases great flexibility in terms of areas that it can be used on, as well as the various types of corrections it can perform. Although mainly developed for reshaping, it can also be used for wrinkle elimination, as well as optimal levels of volumization.

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