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Plasmolifting PRP Gel

Buy Plasmolifting PRP Gel to help nourish your patients’ skin. Two Russian physicians, Renat R Akhmerov and Roman F. Zarudy developed this after many years of research, and the process is to separate the patients’ own blood by use of a centrifuge into autologous platelet-rich plasma, white blood cells, and red blood cells, with the PRP injected into the tissues to help kickstart tissue regeneration. This product is a crucial tool in this treatment as it prevents the contained blood from coagulating.

What makes a good candidate?

This product is able to create a plasmogel with various benefits, mainly targeting the signs of aging like wrinkles, folds, and other superficial lines. This can also be used to fill in areas lacking in volume, so this product is recommended for patients who have these symptoms, especially if they have tried other methods and have found them to be not as beneficial as they want it to be.

Areas Treated with Plasmolifting PRP Gel

These are the areas/symptoms that the product can help with:

  • Nasolabial folds, Perioral lines, wrinkles
  • Loss of facial volume in the mid-face region
  • Acne scars
  • Lax skin caused by weakening skin structure.

How does Plasmolifting PRP Gel work?

The three intracellular components of blood each have their role, with red blood cells in charge of tissue respiration, platelets being crucial in blood clotting, and white blood cells boosting the immune system. Research has shown that platelets also have another effect, namely having the ability to restore tissue and regenerate them as they are able to product growth factors necessary for tissue maturation. Therefore, these kinds of autologous platelet injections gained from the patient’s own blood is an extremely effective skin rejuvenator.

Plasmolifting in and of itself is an extremely innovative and beneficial nature, with the Plasmolifting PRP Gel a crucial component in the treatment. It makes sure the blood does not coagulate during the process, and it is made up of a sodium-citrate based anticoagulant, making it possible to separate the blood and isolate the PRP or platelet-rich plasma.

Treatment Details

You need three main components to make use of this process, namely the Plasmolifting PRP Gel, a Plasmolifting Centrifuge XC 2000 or XC 2415, and the plasmolifting incubator Mini B 100. Also, only practitioners with the necessary training and experience in performing non-surgical and non-toxic skin regenerative therapy should apply this treatment on patients.

The patient’s skin should be sanitized as a preparation for blood sampling. A torniquet should be applied, and the butterfly needle inserted into a vein. 9cc of blood should be drawn, which will then enter the Plasmolifting PRP Gel tube via vacutainer. The torniquet can then be removed, and a plaster should be applied. The tube containing the blood should be inverted five to six times to ensure proper mixing, and then put into the centrifuge for 5 minutes at 4000rpm at a fixed angle.

The PRP should then be heated in a 95-degree Celsius incubator for 3 to 6 minutes, depending on plasma level in the syringe so that the viscous Plasmogel is formed. This is then injected intradermally or supraperiostealy.

How long does Plasmolifting PRP Gel last?

Treated regions can be repeatedly altered for the first two weeks post-initial injection as needed. The treated skin will stay smooth and plump for the next three months before the implant gets disintegrated inside the body. The final results will also vary depending on the physiology and lifestyle of the patient.

Safety Information

Because the procedure uses the patient’s own blood, this treatment has a high level of safety. However, there are still some contraindications, including:

  • Known hypersensitivity to anticoagulants
  • Malignant growths
  • Mental illness
  • Systemic blood disorders
  • Acute infectious diseases

Other Side Effects 

  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Bruising
  • Swelling

Recovery Time

Patients should rest on the day of the injection itself. For the next two days, limited use of the injection area is recommended, but movement is encouraged.

Cost of Plasmolifting PRP Gel

The product averages for around $200 per package, which includes ten 9ml tubes filled with the anticoagulant.

Bottom line

This process is not the same as other aesthetic dermal treatments, and some patients might be hesitant to try it. The effects and benefits are undeniable though, and if some or a lot of other procedures aren’t working for the patient, this product is highly recommended.

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