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FillMed MHA 10 is one of the products that is in the forefront in skin-care technology. Its active ingredients aim to give back the natural hydration of skin to patients, wherein it will make the skin a lot firmer and rejuvenate its elasticity. Through mesotherapy, the product prevents signs of aging, and it also has the advantage of not causing any pain or discomfort. It can also be used alongside other products to achieve even better results.

What kind of patients benefit the most from this treatment?

FillMed recommends that the anti-aging campaign be started around the age of 30. Of course, it is up to each individual patient to choose what they want for their skin, but it is also inadvisable to start too young unless there are some underlying and specific skin issues that need to be addressed. Because FillMed MHA 10 is used to not just treat signs of aging but also prevent them from appearing, most patients who want to make use of its rejuvenating effects will be able to do so.

Areas that the product treats

  • Face– This products usage mostly centers on areas on the face which are the most common places to look at in regards to correction. These include crow’s feet at the crease of the eyes, saggy skin on the cheeks, laugh lines near the mouth or fine lines from smoking, and also stress lines or folds on the forehead
  • Back of the hand– Loose skin and some spots are frequently found on the back of the hand and FillMed MHA 10 is well suited to treating areas like this, giving patients naturally smooth skin.
  • Neck and neckline– Similar to the back of the hand, areas around the neck and neckline are prone to crinkly saggy skin.

How does FillMed MHA 10 work?

The product contains 10mg/mL of free, non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid as well as other vitamins and trace elements. All of these combined are able to stimulate natural and effective skin hydration, which will then tighten the skin and increase elasticity. This is how it get rides of wrinkles and fine lines so effectively, and it can also give that youthful, natural glow that patients want to achieve. The treatment also triggers the regenerative bioprocesses in the body, which will promote the rejuvenation back to healthy, youthful skin.

Treatment Application

FillMed MHA 10 must be injected into the areas that need correction by a trained, medical practitioner. After disinfection of the area, and making use of the needles provided in the package, the product is then injected into the dermis. The treatment schedule recommended is to have the 4 main applications, and each succeeding session be 1 month after the last. So, one month after the first injection is applied the second injection should be used, and then the third injection one month after the second, and then the fourth treatment one month after that. After the first four injections are completed, a booster shot should be done every six months to maintain the high-quality results from the treatment, starting six months after the fourth shot.

How long does FillMed MHA 10 last?

After the first four sessions during the first four months, a booster is recommended every sixth month. If properly maintained, the effects will last as long as possible.

Safety Information

FillMed MHA 10 is clinically proven to be safe for use on a vast majority of patients. However, for the safety of the patient, it is suggested that people with certain ailments or sensitivities aren’t recommended to use this product. Pregnant or breastfeeding women, minors, and persons with autoimmune disease should not make use of this treatment. We also recommend to make sure that nobody who has a predisposed hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients make use of this product.

Any areas of the body that have already been treated with a permanent filler should be avoided, as well as areas of the skin that struggle with inflammatory or infectious ailments.

Other side-effects

Some minor swelling or redness have a chance to show up immediately after the procedure in the area injected. This area might also become irritated, and we recommend that patients avoid itching it as much as possible. Some slight pain and minor lumps might also appear, but the vast majority of all side-effects are resolved in less than one week.

Recovery time

If no side-effects are observed, there is no downtime reported when using FillMed MHA 10, and the patient is immediately able to do normal activities upon leaving the clinic. However, it is recommended that overexposure to the sun and high temperatures are to be avoided for a week.

How much will it cost?

The average price of each package is around $80. The box contains three single dose vials or 3ml of the solution. It also has 3 syringes that contain up to 3mL, three 18G withdrawal needles, and three 30G treatment needles.

Final words

FillMed MHA 10 is a wonderful product that gives purchasers a good bang for their buck. Because it stimulates the body’s natural healing and rejuvenation processes, these result in natural, yet admirable results that last for quite some time. With FillMed being one of the most trusted products in the market, it is recommended for patients that want to keep their youthful skin and glow with a painless treatment and affordable price.