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Desirial Plus

Buy Desirial Plus for your patients who want need some additional volume in their sensitive areas. The labia majora of a female’s sexual organ has many different functions, particularly it is a layer of protection for the sensitive tissue within. Although there are some who are simply born with minimal volume in this area, some loss is also expected as females age, and this can cause some problems. This product is specifically tailored to avoid this scenario.

Which patients can benefit most from Desirial Plus?

Technically, any female aged 18 and above can request their doctor to use this product on them. However, this solution is specifically developed for use on women who have observed atrophy or hypotrophy of their labia majora, and want to correct this. Aside from the functional advantages of having more volume in that area, the reasons for patients to want this treatment may also be purely aesthetic, and this product is well known to be quite effective at correcting this as well.

Areas of Desirial Plus focus 

This solution is specifically used towards correction or relief in the vulvo-vaginal area, specifically the labia majora.

How the product works

Developed and produced in a French laboratory, Laboratoires VIVACY, this product is one of, if not the first 100% biodegradable, non-animal, injectable hydrogel which is entirely dedicated to women’s intimate health. The company was able to formulate this solution by making full use of optimally stabilized hyaluronic acid, created by their own patented and exclusive IPN-Like Technology, together with the antioxidant Mannitol. The hyaluronic acid is formulated to provide the optimal level of volume to the labia majora, which is dependent on the needs of the patient

The aforementioned IPN-Like Technology is a patented cross-linking technology for hyaluronic acid, and it accurately decides just how viscoelastic the VIVACY’s products become. This leads to complete control on how smooth the injectability of the product is, as well as the cohesion of the HA gel, and its monophasic properties.

The antioxidant Mannitol in the formula of Desirial Plus is a molecule which slows down gel degradation as soon as it is injected into the body. It also captures the free radicals generated because of the needle’s injection, and it will protect the hyaluronic acid molecules or the first few hours after the injection.

Treatment details

Only licensed medical practitioners should apply this product on patients, specifically those with the training and experience in injecting these kinds of products into the sensitive area. This product is an intimate care injection, and will be injected under the dermis of the labia majora, and considering how this is a particularly sensitive area, a local anesthetic might be offered to ease the discomfort.

How long will the treatment last?

With medical products like this, it is difficult to ascertain a specific length of time wherein the solution still provides effects. Generally speaking, though, results have shown to last for 1 to 2 years. If any reapplication of the product must be done, lesser amounts are usually applied because the area has already undergone initial treatment.

Safety information

The product is CE marked and has undergone stringent testing and followed strict rules to make sure that it is safe for use. However, the product is still not developed for use by breastfeeding or pregnant women, so they should not be using this product. If there is any kind of infection or inflammation near or on the area of injection, the treatment should be put on hold until the area has fully healed.

Other Side-effects

Complications affiliated with the use of Desirial Plus are few and far between, however, they do still happen. These complications might include irritation, bruising, or infection. If any of these do occur, the patient should make sure to contact their doctor immediately.

Time needed for recovery

Although most of the normal day-to-day activities can still be performed post treatment, any exercise or gym routines should be postponed for at least a few days after the injection. Any intimate encounters should also be put on hold for at least one week following treatment, and any increased pressure on the affected area should be avoided or reduced for at least 1 to 2 weeks after the injection.

Cost of Desirial Plus

Each pack of Desirial Plus costs around $174 and will contain a single 2ml prefilled syringe of the solution, as well as two 27G ½ needles, and one 18G cannula.

Bottom line

Considering how the target area for treatment is a particularly sensitive one, female patients must ensure that the products they use for that part of their body is trustworthy. Desirial Plus has shown to be able to meet these standards, as they have proven to not only be safe for use, but quite effective at providing the necessary volume to that area.

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