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Buy Cingal to ease the pain of your patients who suffer from osteoarthritis knee pain. Cingal is the first of its kind, and for now is the only approved viscosupplement combination that has successfully been able to mix the two benefits of a well-known steroid and a proprietary hyaluronic acid. This two-pronged attack against the most common kind of arthritis gives long-lasting and fast-acting relief from the joint pain they constantly feel.

What Makes a Good Candidate?

Cingal is a solution that is not intended for the use on just anybody who has knee pain. It is recommended by doctors and experts for use on those patients that have found no success in trying out simple analgesics or conservative to moderate non-pharmacological therapy. This treatment also includes an ancillary steroid which is intended to give some additional short-term relief from pain.

Areas treated with Cingal

This product is targeted for use on the knee joint, whether the pain comes from simply walking or sometimes from doing simple to moderate exercises.

How Does Cingal Work?

Anika Therapeutics are the developers of Cingal, and it is their third-generation product in their portfolio addressing the treatment of joint pain associated with osteoarthritis. It is a combination of hyaluronic acid and corticosteroids that injects hyaluronan, a naturally occurring chemical, into the knee joint. Some people who suffer from pain in the knees due to osteoarthritis may have not enough of this chemical in their joint tissues or in the fluid which fills the joints, leading to friction which causes the degradation of the joint leading to pain. The steroid in the mixture will also reduce inflammation, and combined with the aforementioned hyaluronan will provide pain relief that is both long-lasting and fast acting. Other ingredients in the solution are water, sodium phosphate dibasic, sodium phosphate monobasic, triamcinolone hexacetonide, sorbitol, polysorbate 80, and monohydrate.

Treatment Details 

The application of this product may only be done by a trained medical professional with the pertinent qualifications and training. Cingal is fairly simple to administer as it is only a single-injection type of treatment. The doctor will inject the solution directly into the space in the knee joint where it will mix with the synovial fluid found inside so as to provide quick and long-lasting relief. It is delivered through a sterile, hypodermic needle of 18-21 gauge via approved aseptic techniques. Being a single injection is also another one of its advantages, as other treatments are known to have up to five injections required in their regimens.

How Long Does Cingal Last?

The relief gained from the injection of the treatment can be expected to occur within 24 hours of the injection, and will last for up to 26 weeks. Any further injections or maintenance will be up to the discretion of the doctor.

Safety Information

Although Cingal has been proven to be safe for use for a majority of candidates, as evidenced by the gain of the CE mark in 2016, there are still some contraindications. These pre-existing conditions that might disqualify patients from using this solution include known systemic bleeding disorders, any kind of pre-existing infection within the skin region where the injection is intended, or known infections of the index joint. Children, lactating mothers, or pregnant women should also not use this product, as well as anybody who has a known hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients or excipients used in Cingal.

Other Side Effects: 

Generally, Cingal is well tolerated, but there are some known complications that have come out as a result of using the solution. These side effects include, swelling, heat, rash, pain, itching, redness, and/or bruising as well as some aches. The skin where the injection site is may also become thinner or change color, and the patient might also experience some facial flushing. These aforementioned reactions are quite often very mild though, and last for only a brief amount of time. As usual, if there are any problems observed, the patient should immediately contact a healthcare professional.

Recovery Time

There is technically no downtime required as a result of the injection, however, as mentioned before the relieving effects of the treatment can occur anytime within 24 hours. During that time period the patient may still feel some lingering pain, but once the relief has been observed, the patient can then continue normal day-to-day activities.

Cost of Cingal

The cost of one package of Cingal averages at around $108. The box contains a single 4ml prefilled syringe, and a traceability label.

Bottom Line

Cingal has clearly shown how effective it is at treating the chronic pain experienced by osteoarthritis patients, and has also been included in clinical studies finding it to be generally safe for use. Addressing both short-term and long-term pain, the product takes a two-pronged approach to treatment, and with it only being a single dose, is also easy and quick to administer.

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